How Does Emergence Affect Yield?

We’re excited to undergo a new study regarding corn plant emergence and yield loss this growing season.

Uniform plant emergence is very important to final yield.  Plants that emerge even a day later than their neighbors are out competed for light and water and either make a significantly smaller ear or no ear at all.  

What we need:

  • Specify tillage system and downforce system on planter
  • Commitment to notify us on the day of planting

What we’ll do:

  • Scout daily for plant emergence and keep records
  • Gather ear counts and estimate yield at harvest from all plots
  • Tabulate and analyze data and deliver results back to you.

What they’ll get:

  • Scorecard with rank among neighbors on total emergence, uniform emergence and uniform ear count.
  • Idea of how much yield sacrificed by not having 100% uniform emergence