Grain management allows you to simply and cost-effectively protect your investment.

As opposed to the classical approach of reactive monitoring, OPI’s advanced grain storage management takes a proactive approach to ensuring the highest possible return on your grain assets with grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring. Rather than seeing grain storage as a cost center, we want you to be in the driver’s seat—dictating market terms and extracting the highest-possible value through the application of our market-enabling technology. Improve your bottom line with OPI’s integrated Grain Management System strategies.

Approximate System Cost (Cents/Bushel)

Bushels Total Storage50,000 bushels100,000 bushels250,000 bushels500,000 bushels1,000,000
StorMax10 c/bu.7 c/bu.4.5 c/bu.3.5 c/bu.2.5 c/bu.
OPI Blue15 c/bu.10 c/bu. 6 c/bu.4 c/bu.3 c/bu.
IntegrisPro13 c/bu.8 c/bu.5 c/bu.4 c/bu.

For a one time investment of mere pennies per bushel, an OPI system will bring you decades worth of value in improved grain management. There’s return on investment through loss reduction (spoilage, grade, shrink) and cost savings (electrical, fumigation, labor). There’s optimization of quality and moisture content (grade, weight, carry) for maximum market return (better contracts, premiums, market timing).