The Latest in Precision Agriculture

Data Management

Accurate data is extremely valuable in successful planning of your operation. With Ag Leader, you can first collect accurate data, then organize and store it with SMS. This allows you to make educated decisions on your plans, year after year.


If you’re wondering how you can lower your input costs, or how to adjust to instant changes in the field, Ag Leader has the answer for you. With Seed Command, you are in control of how much and where your seed is planted; and Hydraulic DownForce immediately responds to different terrains, soil types, and moisture levels in order to provide a uniform planting depth.


With Ag Leader’s yield monitoring, you don’t have to wait. Yield comparisons and a detailed performance analysis are available real time! With your yield map in hand, you’re equipped to make decisions for the next season as you wrap up this one.


Ag Leader offers a number of products to utilize during the application process. AutoSwath shuts off the applicator as it passes over already-applied areas, minimizing skips and avoiding overlaps. Direct Command gives you the most control over the entire process. Ag Leader also offers OptRx crop sensors and NORAC boom height control, among many other products that help eliminate wasted time, energy, and inputs.

Water Management

Tile drainage offers countless benefits to your operation. Pair Intellislope with a Soil Max Gold Digger, and you’ll discover immediate results and a speedy ROI! Larger, deeper roots, longer planting windows, reduced compaction, and better nutrient availability are a snapshot of the variety of advantages to a tiled field.