We offer a wide range of services to give you a great and profitable growing season. Here’s a snapshot of what we provide:

Hardware Service

Whether you bought your precision-ag hardware from us or not, we will take care of you.  We offer on-site service, support, and installation.

Soil Sampling

We can sample your fields for nitrate and pH levels on the spot with 360 SoilScan, or send them to A&L Labs for an in-depth soil analysis.


We can help you make variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer, seed, or chemicals.  We can work with you to get your equipment set up for application, or we can work with your fertilizer retailer.

RTK Subscriptions

We can help you get setup with whatever subscription type you need.  We have you covered!

Planter Preparation

We work hard each spring so you don’t have to. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly so you can have a smooth planting.

Yield Monitor Calibration

We’ll come on-site and get your yield monitor ready for a great harvest!


Data Analysis & Archiving

We are skilled in Ag Leader’s SMS Software. Bring your data to us and we’ll help you analyze it and keep it organized!

Planter Meter Testing

We have a MeterMax Ultra test stand that can evaluate your planter meters. We have fully trained staff to make your meters plant with precision.

Wiring harness repair, replacement, or manufacture

We can build nearly anything you desire. We stock and sell all the necessary connectors. We can put together a service kit for your farm or business.

Hydraulic hose repair or manufacture

We stock countless fittings and adapters. If you need a hose repaired or made, we can do it at the store, or we can come to your machine with our mobile crimper. Give us a call!

Topography Mapping

We can use our RTK equipped atv to make a topography map of your farm to help with drainage planning.  We can create tile plans, and/or cut and fill scraper plans.

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