We have dabbled with aerial imagery and soil sampling for quite a few years now to create a full system for your corn from start to finish. We fully implemented our 3-part mapping service in 2015 and saw an average of an 18 bushel increase! We are excited to continue seeing incredible results to increase your bottom line.

Your corn uses almost 75% of its overall N needs after V10–you’re losing potential by putting it all down up front. If your N runs out after pollination, growth will shut down, ears will be shorter, and grain will suffer. Our service eliminates that risk.

We will take an aerial image, pull soil samples for available nitrate and pH levels, create an application map, and apply N mid to late season with our Y-Drops. Our system is simple. Its secret is timing, and attention to detail.

Get a hold of us ASAP to sign up for this service! Acres are limited.

We’re flexible. Apply your sidedress N yourself, or hire us to do it with our high clearance sprayer and Y-Drops. Maximize the dollars you spend on nitrogen by applying variable rate, according to what is available and what the crop needs to finish the season strong. We can help you with any step as you try to refine your N application program, or we can handle it completely from start to finish.


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