Dirty Work Pays

If you’re looking to increase yield and maximize profit, then tiling is for you! Field drainage management results in better soil aeration, stronger plants with larger roots, and optimized growing windows. An initial investment in a Soil Max tile plow will pay for itself in the first year. The growth of crops is severely affected when the root zone is saturated. Lack of oxygen kills roots, contributes to root diseases, and restricts nutrient uptake. Tile drainage can keep the root zone healthy. Tiling pays!

beets over tile     corn over tile

Tile drainage removes excess water from the soil subsurface, which removes many adverse effects, such as poor root development and soil compaction. This is made possible through the installation of tile just below the root zone, designed after careful research and planning. Properly installed tile improves crop quality and yield, reduces soil evaporation, aerates root systems well, allows for timely field operations, and enhances productivity. tile plow 
1. Higher Yields & Improved Crop Quality

2. Faster Soil Warm-Up

3. Reduced Compaction

4. Larger, Deeper Roots

5. Better Soil Aeration

6. Favorable Environment

7. Reduced Yield Variation

8. More Days of Machinery Operation

9. Longer Growing Seasons

10. Superior Soil Structure

11. Increased Dry Year Yield

12. Reduced Nitrogen Loss

13. Consistent Seed Strands

14. Toxin Removal

15. Reduced Erosion

16. One-Time Expense

17. Top End Profit

18. Lower Drying Costs

19. Lower “Break Even Price Per Bushel”

20. Lower Machinery Costs

 Click HERE to discover how many acres it will take the tile plow to pay for itself!