A-M-E Custom Built Planters Now Available

We have partnered with A-M-E to offer you the planter you want and need. You can order the custom built planter from us, beginning to end exactly how you want it equipped. No expensive extra parts to buy that you won’t use. No dealing with multiple companies to try and coordinate the purchase, delivery, installation, setup, and support. No extra headaches–just a cost effective solution.

A-M-E is located in Eldora, IA. They have a 140,000 squrae foot factory, where each machine undergoes a detailed standard operating process in assembly, configuration, and quality testing. To insure a successful planting season and provide “peace of mind,” A-M-E ships with each machine a complimentary care package consisting of some key components and parts. A-M-E is so confident in the process and workmanship, that they offer a one-season parts warranty on the machines.

A-M-E places a strong emphasis on choice, performance, and quality. They offer 7 different base models that can be configured in 72 different ways.

We are proud to offer real choice so the customer gets what they want, not what is only available on the dealer’s lot. I am so confident that you will be impressed, I want to fly you to their faculty to take a look with no strings attached. If a new planter is in your future, please give us a call.