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Yetter Farm Equipment has been developing groundbreaking products for North American growers for more than 85 years. All Yetter products enable growers to do the job better and in less time. From strip-till equipment and residue management to closing wheels and fertilizer application, you are sure to find the right product for your unique operation.

Productivity revolves around the Yetter Coulter Hub: Strong, durable hubs decrease downtime. Yetter makes its hubs with a larger bolt pattern so shock-loads are more evenly distributed. Strength, stability, and lifespan increase. These field-proven, heavy-duty gusseted hubs also feature 1 1/4″ spindles with tapered roller bearings, replaceable grease seals, a grease zerk, and grade-five bolts.

Vertical Coulter Adjustment: Unlike other coulter systems that require you to adjust on an arc, Yetter coulters adjust up and down, compensating for blade wear and adapting to varying seed depths. This system also requires less room in front of the planter, making it easier to integrate residue managers with your existing setup and other soil preparation tools.

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Adding a fertilizer knife or injection nozzle to your Yetter coulter transforms it into a placement system with distinct advantages. A Yetter fertilizer coulter with parallel linkage allows for True Placement–two parallel arms fix the position of the fertilizer knife relative to the field surface. The narrow-design coulter and adjustable spring work in tandem to place fertilizer next to the seedbed. All components are heavy-duty and include the long-lasting hub found on all Yetter coulters.

Maximize Yield Potential: Fertilizer can give you the ability to produce healthy, strong, uniform stands and increase yield. When fertilizer is not properly placed, however, that potential is destroyed, and fertilizer may simply be washed away. Such waste costs growers and negatively impacts yields. Why take that risk? Ensure that you reach your maximum yield potential with the latest in fertilizer application equipment from Yetter.

Yetter’s wide array of fertilizer application equipment puts you in a position to experience your best yields yet. Whether you prefer liquid or dry fertilizer, Yetter has a coulter to get the job done. Each model is created to provide ideal down pressure and depth adjustment regardless of your conditions. Yetter fertilizer application equipment delivers precision placement time and again, positioning fertilizer below the soil surface where it can nourish plants from the roots.

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The Finishing Touch: All the work you put into planter setup and performance can go awry if your seed trench is not properly closed. Yetter has focused on developing tools that seal the deal in no-till and minimum tillage fields. Yetter’s closing wheel options have been proven by a third-party study to outperform the competition in the toughest conditions, breaking sidewall compaction and setting the stage for even emergence and higher yields.

Closing Wheels
The Strip-Till Advantage: Strip-tillage offers the advantages of no-till with the bonus of earlier planting dates. It facilitates precise nutrient placement and produces huge savings in terms of time, water, equipment, and fuel costs. Strip-tilling fractures compacted soil, causing the soil to warm more quickly. And since strip-till does not wear down or dry out soil like conventional methods, it encourages natural organic matter to build up, boosting the rate of water infiltration and resulting in healthier, nutrient-rich soil. Strip-tilled fields absorb water much more quickly and retain it at a considerably higher rate.

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Make Residue Coverage Manageable: Residue management is a cost-effective weapon against one of the greatest threats to soil–erosion. Successful residue management depends on proper depth control, which prevents undesirable soil disruption. Yetter focuses on developing a wide range of equipment to meet this challenge, such as the Titan floating residue managers on pages 18-19. Yetter models are some of the toughest tools on the market. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the right solution for the unique needs of your production agriculture operation.

Yetter Farm Equipment leads the industry in engineering residue managers that offer profitable solutions to strip-till, no-till, and min-till producers. Yetter’s arsenal of residue management equipment allows you to reap the benefits of residue without the hassle.

 You want your equipment to keep running, year after year, so it’s important for you to understand the commitment of Yetter Farm Equipment toward providing you with products built for years of use.

From design to final assembly, Yetter products are constructed to withstand the rigors of even the toughest field conditions. They have a relentless pursuit of quality and are always looking for ways to improve equipment while controlling the cost of the final product.

Yetter uses the most advanced production techniques available at our 270,000 square foot manufacturing facilities. Each part of the manufacturing process supports a superior product.

The entire product line is backed with the Yetter Performance Guarantee. This is unmatched in the industry, and is another reason you can confidently choose Yetter products.

The best quality products deserve the best performance guarantee in the industry. During the first 30 days, should the Yetter Product you buy fail to perform and, after being given a reasonable amount of time to remedy the situation, the company will, if unable to make the product perform: Repair It, Replace It, or Buy It Back.

Look to Yetter for the performance you can count on and the leadership you can believe in.

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