Automatic Steering Systems and Electronic Innovations

Modern vehicles are not possible without electronic features. Especially when they are used in demanding conditions in agriculture and construction.

Convenience meets Precision

The processes are complex, the interplay between power input and performance is differentiated. Many things happen in the background unnoticed by the driver.

Automatic steering systems provide ease and better results for the modern farmer’s daily work.

Optimizing resources, boosting results

Economy of time and resources caused by precise track-to-track work cannot be effected without any steering assistance.

Innovative products open up potentials

Reichhardt’s products offer competitive advantages and improvement potentials to farmers and support them to economise costs, to increase yields and to treat the environment with care.

Reichhardt’s profit from their expertise as a system developer and integrator in cooperation with well-known manufacturers.

Sensor Guidance

reichardt guidance

Tactile Row Guidance (PSR TAC)

Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance is steering by the aid of a flexible tactile sensor. The durable synthetic sensor guides from the corn to control the vehicle.

Click here to see Mike utilizing the Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance on our Miller Sprayer with Y-Drops for late season N!

Product Information