Stay on track with the simple implement guidance system

ProTrakker automatically adjusts to correctly steer pull-type implements on slopes, contour rows and variable soils–all in order to keep implements from swaying into crop rows and causing expensive, unsightly damage. Compatible with the leading GPS implement guidance systems, and available in additional model configurations, ProTrakker is in a category of its own. It uses sensors to follow the tractor tracks, regardless of hill size. With Protrakker, you’re always in control of your implement and how it will react in various situations.

Choose Your Control Option:

mbw_ControlControl Box w/ Sidehill Sensor

Use ProTrakker’s controller with sidehill sensor for accurate row tracking. The user-friendly control box allows you to adjust gain setting, giving you ultimate control!

Precision GPS Steering

ProTrakker is GPS ready for sub-inch implement steering. It’s compatible with the leading GPS implement guidance systems on planters, strip till machines, and many other precision applications.

How it works


As the tractor leans on a sidehill, ProTrakker’s controller will automatically adjust, keeping the implement tires from damaging the crop. When following rows around a contour, ProTrakker can be manually adjusted.

Gain the advantage

  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Reduce operator fatigue on sidehill slopes and contours
  • Create a more professional row appearance
  • Simplify hookup–perfectly line up the drawbar using the manual adjustment

Incredible sub-inch accuracy

growing-season-1When sub-inch accuracy is required, ProTrakker is the answer. Adding ProTrakker to your precision outfit boosts your accuracy to an unmatched standard, no matter the landscape.

Even more advantages

  • Practically eliminate crop damage
  • Eliminate overlap with chemical, fertilizer, seed, and much more
  • Reduce nearly all fatigue caused by tracking
  • Get repeatability with your fertilizer strips and seed, year after year
  • Reduce labor and fuel costs


Four Models. Thousands of Applications: