Made of drop-forged alloy steel, Dawn’s Trashwheels™ Row Cleaners have a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking. The simple screw-adjust mechanism allows you to fine tune your row cleaning. 
All Dawn hub housings, equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings, are castle nutted to the nitride coated shaft. Dawn hubs are regreaseable. Simply grease until clean grease pushes past the triple-lip seal. Dawn 15″ trashwheel integrated hubs use the same bearings and seals found in the standard hub. Trashwheels are mounted between the housing and o-ring sealed Supercap.

We know row cleaner adjustments aren’t always the highest priority during planting. Row cleaners should set correctly, but as the planting window narrows, there is little time for adjustments. So we may have to gouge a little, or not quite clear enough, in order to get the crop planted on schedule.

The simple, yet dependable design of the Gfx row cleaner gives you unparalleled control over your row cleaning. The hydraulically controlled Trashwheels can be instantaneously adjusted over the entire length of the planter, using a simple in-cab electronic interface.

Don’t settle for a mediocre seedbed, take control of your planter

The M-Series allows you to cater to the demands of local field conditions. Quickly change from Dawn’s proven curved tooth in minimally tilled ground, to heavy-duty rubber in conventionally tilled ground.

Similar to the Trashwheels™, Dawn’s Floating Row Cleaners are made of drop-forged alloy steel. They have a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking. The simple screw-adjust mechanism allows you to fine tune your row cleaning.
The patented Dawn 1572 Coulter Combination Unit cuts residue first, then clears the sized residue out the full width path of the planter units gauge wheels.

You won’t plug with residue, and as the coulter exits the ground, downward traveling Trashwheels remove any buildup on the blade. 

The model 1580 combines the time tested performance of the Dawn leading edge coulter combination row cleaner with a trailing arm, remotely controllable, floating row cleaner. This design is able to run in the heaviest residue conditions all with the ease of use of remote down pressure control. 

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