AgEagle’s drone technology is able to quickly and easily capture and stitch multi-spectral images of a field’s crop health.

With a durable aircraft and in flight image processing, get actionable insight on crop health to ultimately improve yield and profitability. Pinpoint areas where nutrients or chemicals are needed–decreasing inputs and increasing yields.


With the two drones AgEagle has to offer, capturing images of your field has never been easier! The Rapid system is a durable, mostly automated fixed wing aircraft that can cover over 200 acres in a single flight. It has the capability to hold a Sony QX-1 camera modified for NIR imaging capability, or a MicaSense RedEdge that simultaneously captures images with five different spectral bands. These sensors are set to capture images at 80% overlap for easy processing with no gaps. AgEagle’s Classic System features a Canon S100 camera modified for NIR imaging, set at a timed interval.


The Rapid system works with DroneDeploy to deliver geo-referenced results immediately after landing. After an image is captured, it’s uploaded to DroneDeploy and begins to stitch with the other images so that a map is available upon landing. You also have the option to manually upload the images later for a higher resolution. The Classic works with any third party stitching and processing service, giving you the flexibility and control. This process takes longer, as you have to upload, stitch, and process the images yourself–but it may be the perfect solution for you!


With your processed image in hand, you can begin to make actionable decisions to become more profitable. Either imaging system is compatible with Ag Leader’s SMS software, or any other popular farm management software you prefer, allowing you to create custom application maps to export to your equipment.

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